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The science student who took on the world

“Whenever you get pleasure from one thing, the mind has a tremendous means of retaining a lot data about it, which is available in very useful once you’re missing motivation and have some main exams arising,” she stated.

“One factor I might warn in opposition to is totally chopping out distractions like Netflix or sports activities for the whole thing of the examination interval, however quite utilizing them as a break and leisure.

“After every examination, come dwelling and watch an episode or go do an exercise that requires little to no mind energy so that you can provide your self a well-needed relaxation. Prioritise your personal wellbeing.”

Hens stated she felt it didn’t matter what she obtained within the HSC as a result of the abilities for all times she developed all through her HSC journey was what real-world employers search for, and it will present many profession alternatives.

“The plans you make your self in Yr 12 about your future profession or life objectives will most definitely change as quickly as you’re completed anyway,” she stated. “I’ve modified my thoughts 1000 occasions since graduating; from uni to shifting states and so forth.

“I took a 12 months off to work out what I actually needed to do. Now I’m learning to be a veterinary nurse at TAFE. I purchased myself a horse [which was a childhood dream] and have had some irreplaceable experiences in varied jobs that I’d by no means beforehand imagined myself doing.”

High suggestions from science academics

Ami Morrow from Merewether High School.

Ami Morrow from Merewether Excessive Faculty.

Ami Morrow, Instructing High quality Advisor, Science College, Merewether Excessive Faculty

Working scientific expertise are a significant part of the Biology syllabus. Key expertise to practise embrace:

  • figuring out experimental variables (impartial, dependent and managed) and using a management
  • decoding, tabulating and graphing first-hand information, and assessing its validity, reliability, accuracy and precision
  • understanding the function of fashions in biology, and their benefits and limitations
  • evaluating the validity, reliability and accuracy of secondary sources

Many HSC examination questions would require you to use your data, understanding and expertise to unfamiliar conditions. Questions typically present stimulus materials within the type of diagrams, move charts, tables, graphs, eventualities or examples that you’re not acquainted with. Don’t panic! Take the time to select aside the stimulus and consider carefully about what data or conclusions you’ll be able to draw from it.

For written questions with stimulus, quite than regurgitating the data that you’ve got on the subject, take into consideration how one can apply what to the state of affairs being offered. Be sure you assist your response with particular data or information from the stimulus materials.

Follow scientific conventions when drawing tables, graphs and diagrams. Provide titles, labelled axes with units, clear data points and smooth lines of best fit where appropriate.

Comply with scientific conventions when drawing tables, graphs and diagrams. Present titles, labelled axes with models, clear information factors and clean traces of finest match the place applicable.Credit score:Flavio Brancaleone

Suggestions for longer questions

  1. Plan your reply
  • Underline key phrases and observe any plurals or the precise variety of examples the query requested you to discuss with (if the query asks you to make use of two examples, choose the very best two that assist your reply).
  • Spot the precise necessities of the questions. On this query: Clarify the lack of biodiversity that will outcome from TWO biotechnologies utilized in agriculture’, a particular requirement is agriculture. This implies your examples of biotechnology should relate to agriculture.
  • Use a scaffold that can assist you plan (eg PEEL: Level, Proof, Clarification, Hyperlink). It’s also possible to use headings or subheadings to present your response a logical construction.

2. Assist your reply the place applicable utilizing:

  • examples
  • dot factors
  • diagrams
  • tables
  • flowcharts


Kathy Barbeler, head instructor science, Gosford Excessive Faculty

Key phrases

Know the which means of the next phrases and learn how to apply them to your investigations and procedures:

  • validity
  • reliability
  • accuracy

Tables, graphs and diagrams

  • Comply with scientific conventions when drawing tables, graphs and diagrams. Present titles, labelled axes with models, clear information factors and clean traces of finest match the place applicable.
  • Take into consideration which amount is the impartial variable and which is the dependent variable. Symbolize these on the graph accordingly, with the impartial variable normally on the x-axis.
  • Practise drawing graphs forward of the examination, together with calibration curves, the titration graphs and enthalpy of neutralisation graphs.
  • Take into consideration applicable scales – as a normal information use not less than three-quarters of the offered grid.

Scientific experiments

  • Revise the gear you used, the chemical compounds and portions. It is best to be capable to summarise and clarify the outcomes obtained.
  • Take into consideration how your outcomes could have differed from anticipated outcomes, what brought on this distinction, and the way you would enhance your investigation.
  • Use scientific concept to elucidate your outcomes.
Many HSC exam questions will require you to apply your knowledge, understanding and skills to unfamiliar situations.

Many HSC examination questions would require you to use your data, understanding and expertise to unfamiliar conditions.Credit score:Flavio Brancaleone

Chemical equations

  • Present the states of matter, as they’re underneath commonplace circumstances.
  • Take into consideration whether or not an equilibrium arrow ought to be used.
  • Search for methods the modules are related (e.g. you may hyperlink the natural buildings in Module 7 to the spectroscopy instruments in Module 8 and the way practical teams are used to establish compounds).
  • Do a last sense test of your reply (e.g. ensure you have transformed to litres for volumes).

Science: High-scoring science examination solutions in 2021 Chemistry

Credit score:NESA

Marker feedback:

This reply clearly exhibits all steps within the calculation. The solutions all through this multi-step calculation have the proper models and a balanced chemical equation is offered, as per the query.

Common suggestions:

Credit score:NESA

It is always a good idea once you have finished your exam question to do a final “sense check” of your answer.

It’s all the time a good suggestion upon getting completed your examination query to do a last “sense test” of your reply.Credit score:Flavio Brancaleone


Examination query:

Hundreds of thousands of individuals world wide take medication generally known as statins, which have been proven to cut back the incidence of coronary heart assaults and strokes in susceptible sufferers. Nonetheless, as much as 20 per cent of individuals cease taking statins as a result of negative effects equivalent to muscle aches, fatigue, feeling sick and joint ache.

A latest research at a public hospital centered on 60 sufferers who had all stopped taking statins previously as a result of extreme negative effects. Sufferers took statin tablets for 4 months, placebo tablets for 4 months and no tablets for 4 months.

Day-after-day for the 12 months the sufferers scored, from zero to 100, how unhealthy their signs had been. The outcomes are proven.

Credit score:NESA

Consider this research and its outcomes.

Pupil reply:

The outcomes appear to counsel the statin tablets have little impact in growing signs in comparison with placebo tablets, and solely barely greater than no tablets.

Taking statin leads to a rating of 16.3, whereas placebo tablets resulted in 15.4. These are very related and so doubtlessly counsel the statin tablets don’t have any actual affect on the signs. Nonetheless, the ‘no tablets’ solely scored 8.0, which suggests the tablets/placebo do have a damaging impact on the signs or not less than the concept of taking them do, when in comparison with previous expertise.

Nonetheless, this research is basically invalid. It makes use of a pattern measurement of solely 60 folks (all doubtless from related location of close to the hospital), which implies the outcomes might be largely swayed by outliers. Ideally hundreds of individuals ought to take part in epidemiological research.

Additionally, the research was solely over a really quick interval of 4 months, so you can’t draw conclusive outcomes from it because the impact might be extra long-term.

Lastly, the tactic of information assortment (sufferers self-scoring signs) could be very invalid as each individual feels and charges signs in a different way, so that can’t precisely present information in regards to the results of every therapy. Due to this fact, the research could be very invalid and so the outcomes drawn from it usually are not consultant of the entire inhabitants.

Marker feedback:

The response interprets the info equipped within the desk to judge the validity of the design of this research of statins and related negative effects. The judgment fairly appropriately challenges the validity of this research by demonstrating an understanding of the rules behind a legitimate scientific research.

Common suggestions:

Credit score:NESA


Examination query:

Bohr, de Broglie and Schrödinger every proposed a mannequin for the construction of the atom.

How does the character of the electron proposed in every of the three fashions differ?

Bohr model.

Bohr mannequin.Credit score:NESA

Pupil reply:

Bohr: planetary mannequin proposed electrons orbiting a dense nucleus in fastened shells, stationary states. He didn’t clarify why they orbited like this, however on observing hydrogen atoms, discovered electrons dropping from the next orbit to a decrease orbit emitted a photon with E = hf, utilising Planck’s quantisation of vitality. Equally, once they moved to greater shells, they take up a photon. In Bohr’s mannequin, the electron was a particle.

de Broglie: standing wave orbitals used to elucidate why electrons solely orbited in Bohr’s stationary states. He additionally mixed classical physics and quantum mechanics by linking momentum and waves together with his wave equation, λ = h/mv. He confirmed the wave nature of electrons in orbit whereas nonetheless having momentum like a particle.

de Broglie model.

de Broglie mannequin.Credit score:NESA

Schrodinger: prompt electron cloud orbitals within the form of dumbbells which absolutely embraced the quantum mechanical properties of electrons. Upon measuring their velocity or place, one can solely measure one precisely. Thus, his wave equation gave perception into the chances of the place an electron was more likely to be.

Schrodinger model.

Schrodinger mannequin.Credit score:NESA

Bohr → de Broglie → Schrodinger’s atomic fashions prompt an growing quantum nature to the electron.

Marker feedback:

This response is clearly structured and supplies an in depth description of the electron in every mannequin. The response additionally exhibits how the character of the proposed electron differs in every mannequin. Using easy diagrams enhances the reply.

Common suggestions:

Credit score:NESA

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